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VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP Phone SystemsWhilst email is a major backbone of office communication, businesses still heavily rely on telephones. VoIP (Voice over IP) is one of the biggest technical leaps since the invention of the phone itself.

VoIP constitutes a collection of technologies that allow you to operate your telephone system via the internet. This means you can carry out voice calls over your existing internet connection, therefore bypassing the traditional copper phone lines – this eliminates the need for an analogue phone line completely.

Many businesses are pleasantly surprised, by the significant cost savings and other advantages that can be achieved by switching to a VoIP system.


This example is based on a small office with 4 standard BT landlines at £15.45 each line rental per month and an existing suitable Server or PC on which to run the 3CX Software – this example assumes total current spend £61.80 per month + call charges.

Initial Setup Costs
1x 3CX Mini Edition (Up to 4 Simultaneous Calls) – £259
4x YeaLink T20P VoIP Phone – £320
1x SIP Trunk Setup (4 Numbers) – £17
Total Setup Cost – £596

Ongoing Costs
1x SIP Trunk Rental (4 Numbers) – £9/month + call charges
Total Monthly Cost – £9 + Call Charges

That’s right – no BT Line rental is required so you can cancel all your phone lines (except the one used for your internet connection where applicable) potentially saving £52.80 per month or £634 a year – that is a saving of 85%.

What’s more, VoIP call charges per minute are on average 25% lower than traditional analogue providers, especially to international and mobile destinations, so why not contact us now to see how much you could be saving?

Besides significant cost savings, you can enjoy the flexibility of being able to scale right alongside your business requirements. Once you have made the switch, you can literally pick up your phones and server (or just phones with a hosted platform), set them up in your new office, or anywhere with an internet connection and carry on business.

3CX Phone Systems

3CX PartnerWe supply both hosted PBX systems and on-premises VoIP systems, with the 3CX Phone System being an on premise solution.

3CX from Sphere IT opens up a whole host of enterprise grade phone system features to your business – features such as call recording, call queuing, configurable extensions, call parking, ring groups (ring all, prioritised hunt, etc.), call forwarding / re-direction, custom / rotating hold music, simple management interface including user extension web interface, voice-mails as email attachments and more. Best of all, this can be achieved by a one-off software purchase.

SphereIT is proud to offer the full range of 3CX products to buy online directly from us.

We also offer a range of Hosted PBX options ranging from as little as £4.95 per month per extension.

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